10+ Bio Active Manuka Honey (MGO 263+) 400 grams


10+ (MGO 263) Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Active Honey. 

Honey Bee Healthy's 10+ Bio Active Manuka Honey is perfect to maintain good health. This Medicinal grade honey can act as an immunity booster as well as giving you vitality and youthful energy, maintaining health and reducing harmful bacteria. Assists in destroying the bacteria that cause mouth and throat infections. Excellent for treating wounds and burns, colds and flu.

  • HBH's 10+ Bio Active Manuka Honey is perfect for beauty treatments, known for improving skin tone and texture. Kills the bacteria before blemishes show their heads.
  • Mid-Level of Bioactivity
  • Independently Tested & Certified to contain a minimum of MGO 263 Activity Rating. Well into the medicinal range.

HBH Bio Active Honey can be consumed as a food straight from the jar, used in beauty treatments and cosmetics or as a natural therapeutic treatment. Apply topically to wounds or let it slowly ooze down that sore throat.


What is Bio Active (Australian Manuka) Honey?

Bio Active Manuka Honey has an antibacterial component, Methyglyoxal, that sets it apart from other honeys. Do not heat Bio Active Honey, as this could destroy the good enzymes. This is why all HBH Honey is Pure and Raw. Bioactive antibacterial 'Manuka' honey is made by bees that gather nectar from varieties of Leptospermum (Jellybush) flower. It's antibacterial properties are directly relative to its Methylglyoxal levels rather than relying on peroxide to destroy bacteria as in other honeys. In order for consumers to accurately compare brands and products HBH uses MGO (Methylglyoxal) readings to classify all its Bio Active products.

Remember- check the MGO level when buying Bio Active Honey!! Don't be fooled. Some brands will say 30+ but only be 30MGO- not 30+ NPA/UMF. The price will tell you!


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