Honey Bee Healthy

Honey Bee Healthy

Pure, Raw, Unprocessed. Choose Healthy Honey, Choose Honey BEE Healthy!

Find us at various health food stores around SE Qld, or purchase online and we will have honey coming your way.

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  • Medicinal (Manuka) HBH Honey

    HBH Medicinal Honey has active components that fights sickness, kills bacteria and provides relief against many ailments. This honey is distinctively flavoured, darker and richer than other honeys.

    In New Zealand, Manuka honey is made by bees that feed on the flowers of the manuka bush, a variety of tea tree. In Australia, varieties of the Melaleuca Leptospernum bush produce honey with the same healing qualities. We call it Jellybush Honey.

  • Pure, Raw HBH Honey

    HBH Honey is 100% Aussie owned, made from Aussie Bees. All honey is packaged in glass to protect it's chemical-free qualities and is pure, raw and has not been blended... with anything. HBH offers a couple of variations of natural 'table' honey, including the popular CREAMED honey.

    As all HBH honey is unprocessed, it may contain traces of pollen, wax and propolis (all which have their own nutritional and medicinal properties!).

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