How to compare Active Manuka Honey

How to compare Active Manuka Honey

Two Key Words

  1. MGO = Methylglyoxal
  2. NPA = Non-Peroxide Activity

HBH Manuka Honey is gathered from Australia's ‘Manuka’ plant, varieties of Leptospermum or ‘Jellybush Blossom’. When choosing your honey for its active properties, it is important to ensure it has been Independently Tested for its MGO levels, this gives the batch it's NPA Rating. 

  • NPA is equivalent to NZ's UMF rating.
  • MGO is NOT equivalent to NPA.

Meaning, 30MGO Honey is NOT 30NPA Honey and in fact is far below Medicinal grade. Be careful of this, as many brands promote the lower grade honey to confuse the customer.

All Honey Bee Healthy Active Manuka Honey has been Independently Laboratory Tested on the Sunshine Coast, to certify antibacterial ratings (NPA /MGO).

> To compare Active Manuka Honey, check the MGO level

Use this table to understand UMF, MGO and NPA ratings.

Written by Maree Chapman