Cooloola Creamed Honey


Your New Favourite Breakfast – Creamed Honey!

Ingredients: 100% Australian Honey

Creamed Honey is considered the crème de la crème of raw honey. Creamed Honey is also known as Whipped Honey or Honey Butter. It has a silky smooth texture making it easy to use and spread! The perfect Breakfast Honey! Stays on your toast, pancakes or crumpets until the last delicious mouthful melts in your mouth.


What is the difference between Creamed and liquid honey?

Liquid honey is basically honey’s natural form: when nectar is gathered by the bees and then "fanned" to reduce it's moisture content it is then stored in the comb of the hive in a liquid state. Nothing is added to it, nor is it necessary to add anything to it. Nothing is added to Creamed Honey either. it is simply whipped to create a rich smooth, even texture throughout the honey, giving it a more solid, or a “creamed” consistency.

NOTE: There is no cream in Honey Bee Healthy's Creamed Honey! This is still Pure, Raw and Natural!

Keep Creamed Honey cool - in our Aussie heat it's best to keep it in the fridge.


We ship parcels everyday - buy online today, and will have beautiful natural honey coming your way tomorrow! Unfortunately due to Australian Bio Security Regulations, we cannot ship to WESTERN AUSTRALIA or New Zealand.