15+ Bio Active Manuka Honey (MGO 514+)


15+ Bio-Active Manuka Honey (MGO 514+) Antibacterial and Antimicrobial . 

Honey Bee Healthy's 15+ Bio Active Manuka Honey has high levels of antibacterial properties, perfect for the treatment of ailments, wounds and burns including MRSAs. 

  • Using 15+ Bio Active Honey improves wound healing, pain relief and decreases inflammatory response
  • High Level of Bioactivity
  • Independently Tested & Certified to contain a minimum of MGO 514 Activity Rating

HBH 15+ Bio Active Honey can be consumed as a food straight from the jar and can be used both topically and internally as a natural therapeutic medicine.


What is Bio Active (Manuka) Honey?

Active Honey has an extra antibacterial component, Methylglyoxal, that sets it apart from other honeys. Do not heat Bio Active Honey, as this could deplete the good enzymes. Bioactive antibacterial 'Manuka Honey' is made by bees that gather nectar from varieties  of Leptospermum (Jellybush flower). It's antibacterial properties are due to its Methylglyoxal levels, rather than peroxide ss in other honeys. Hence the NPA rating: Non-Peroxide-Activity. HBH uses MGO (methylglyoxal) readings to classify all its Active products, in order for consumers to accurately compare brands and products.

Remember -always check the MGO Rating when buying Active Honey!! Don't be fooled, in some brands 30+ can be only 30MGO not 30NPA/UMF !

The price will tell you.


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