Macadamia Crunch Honey


The GO-TO honey - Macadamia Crunch!

Ingredients: 100% Australian honey + Raw Macadamias

This product by Honey Bee Healthy is a perfect temptation for all sweet tooths! Gathered directly from the macadamia nut trees, where all pollination activity is focused on the white flowers that the macadamia nut tree produces. This gives the honey a nutty flavour that is reminiscent of the macadamia nut itself. Then we've added raw Macadamia nuts on top- try not to eat them all at once!

Sourced from the floral nectar of the Macadamia Nut tree, this light golden coloured honey goes well with fruit salads, ice-cream, toast and herbal tea. Use in cooking, on toast or as a quick healthy snack. Grind the raw macadamia nuts into the honey to create a type of butter, which can be used as a topping for toast or as an ingredient in macadamia-flavoured baked goods and candy.


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